Hollywood Hitmakers Workshop

Most mutasd meg! Hollywood Téged vár!

15 magyar zenésznek most lehetősége nyílik, hogy a legjobbaktól tanuljon. Hollywood már bizonyított: megszámlálhatatlan sok film és zeneszám került ki innen, világhírnevet hozva alkotóinak és az előadóknak.

Most rajtad a sor!

A kéthetes workshop során megismerkedhetsz a Tracking, Mixing, Mastering titkaival, Eddie Kramer, Jim Scott és Peter Doell vezetésével. Ráadásul mindezt személyre szabottan, a Te igényeidnek, tudásodnak és álmaidnak megfelelően sajátíthatod el a két hetes gyakorlat során. Megkaphatod mindazt a tudást, amivel fellendítheted karrieredet itthon és külföldön egyaránt.




Hogy mindezt hogyan? Erről az exkluzív és egyedülálló lehetőségről itt olvashatsz:


Your Chance to Learn The Secrets and Techniques From Award Winning and

 Famous Celebrity Instructors

Hollywood Hitmakers Series are exclusive, unique, workshops unlike any other. The attendees get to learn from the top Mastering, Recording and Mixing engineers in the music industry, hands-on, side-by-side. Our exclusive courses in Sound Mixing and Mastering are the ideal choice for attendees to jump start their interest, or expand on their current mixing level, within the music, sound and recording industry.

The techinques and secrets you will learn have not only been used on the top recorded music that is out today, but was recorded by these same instructors in the same studio where these famous songs were made. Which is exactly where you will be working.

You can take these tools to start or advance your career in Live Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

Hollywood Hitmakers Series offers exclusive access to highly trained and famous celebrity professionals in these fields, who will teach you their craft. These exclusive 2 week workshops are geared toward providing you with the best and most exclusive opportunity to meet and learn from these famous professionals in in the music and recording industry.

Whether you already have some experience with mixing and recording and want to advance to mastering, Hollywood Hitmakers will bring out the best in you.

About Hollywood Hitmakers Workshops

Hollywood Hitmaker “Secrets of The Pros” workshops are unique and there are no others like it. Anywhere. Most other workshops are discussion only, as you watch the instructor with limited involvement by you. Not at Hollwood Hitmakers. We put you right in the middle of all the action and hands-on instruction all the way. Your working the board.

Aside from our workshops being instructed by the top Senior, Award Winning Mixing and Mastering Engineers in the world, they take place in one of the most famous recording studios of all time. Our studio has recorded and mixed more hit records than any other. And thats exactly where your going to be sitting, working hands-on at the same sound board that was commissioned for the top selling album of all time… Michael Jacksons “Thriller”.

Taking place in one of the top, most prestigious music locations in the world… Los Angeles, California… Hollywood.



Top 5 Reasons Why Choose “Hollywood Hitmakers Workshop”:

1.  As an attendee, you will work in one of the most famous world class historic facilities in the world: EastWest Studios, 6000 Sunset Blvd. where thousands of hits have been made for over 60 years.

2. You will learn the secrets and techniquesdirectly from Grammy Award winning Producers and Engineers, in Hollywood California, one of the most prominent Music Industry cities in the world.

3. You will learn secrets of the trade for the ENTIRE audio production process, including: Multi track recording of a live band, Overdubbing, Mixing and last but certainly not least Mastering.

4. You will participate in the creation of a 3 song demo, from start to finish, with a live band. No other workshop or school does this. This is the real thing.

5. You will have an opportunity to meet and talk with celebrity recording artists, in an intimate private “Meet and Greet”, in a luxurious VIP Lounge. A once in a lifetime opportunity.




Beginner and Intermediate Workshop

Guests will learn “tricks of the trade” from world renowned recording engineers, mix engineers, mastering engineers and producers; observing and participating in the recording (tracking), overdubbing, mixing and mastering. The Instructors will personally select the artists and all participants will get a “hands on” experience.

These exceptional two-week long music production workshops are an opportunity for attendees to come and work closely with A-List record producers, engineers and mixers and improve their skills in music production.

The two-week seminar includes, among other activities, a series of discussions about unique production techniques, mental approach toward mixing, career advices, hands on workshops during which the attendees and instructor tracks a band, overduds, mixes and masters with the different participants side-by-side.

Every seasoned performer knows the importance of an excellent sound operator. No matter what the genre of the music, if the sound operator doesn’t build a mix that sounds good, the creativity, passion, and brilliance of the performance will be tarnished. A sound operator who knows how to create a mix that sounds great and can build and deploy a high-quality sound system is highly coveted throughout the music industry.

The goal of the course is to enable you to build your own mixes and use what you’ve learned to conform to a high standard for sonic quality, blend, and authenticity. When properly equipped with the tools, techniques, and insights needed to build an excellent mix, you will be the musicians’ closest and most trusted ally.


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